José Alvarado, the left-handed pitcher on the pitch

A movie script that tells the story of Tampa Rays pitcher Jose Alvarado could start with the image of a boy hunting an iguana with a single, accurate and withering stone. Then a scene would follow, outdoors and during the day. The setting would be the sports center in the neighborhood, with two facilities, a […]

Martin Pérez looking for his first won game of the season

Venezuelan pitcher Martín Pérez will look for his first game won of the 2020 season with the Boston Red Sox, when this July 25 he faces the Orioles from Baltimore, at Fenway Park. Perez, who is second in the Boston rotation, will play his first season with the Red Sox. In 2019, he posted a […]

Félix Olivo: I came to baseball out of passion

Linked to baseball from a very young age, after much study and work, Félix Olivo is today one of the two Venezuelan agents certified in the United States for the representation of players…